PUMA Mercedes AMG Collab: Rosberg

Racing will never look the same.

PUMA strengthened its motorsport presence when the brand joined forces with formula one giant Mercedes AMG. Mercedes’ precision racing, paired with PUMA’s stylish eye, was a match made for the track. The decision to use racing legends Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg as ambassadors of the new relationship, showed the world that PUMA was indeed the new pit crew of style for Mercedes AMG.

Advertising Agency: PUMA Internal Creative Agency
Art Director: Jason Woz
Copywriter: Jenni Williamson
Photographers: David Stuart, Mark Teo
Retoucher: Scott Dorman / Smalldog Imageworks
Published: April 2012


nicolausmayo's picture
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nice ad

salil.sharma's picture
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oh its looking Movie Seen
good work

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no, no and no

mad4creativity's picture
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in the ad copy is "Racing will never look the SOME" ----- it should be "Racing will never look the SAME"....
brilliant work though no doubt (with a minor grammar error)

ACreativeSpirit's picture
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it does say same. you need to go to he bigger view to notice it's an A

Always try to be unique even when forced to conform.

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pretty convoluted

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Different, but not working for me.

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What's with the major grammatical error in the headline? For freak sakes what happened to the quality control at Adsoftheworld?

alausa's picture
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More like what happened to Jackblack's eagle eye? look again please.

CommandZ's picture
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Meh. Same ad twice. Looks like a retread of a NASCAR first idea. How does this tell me what Formula One's USP is?

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That looks pretty good!

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Simple & Brillient!

mad4creativity's picture
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sorry folks for my blooper..its just that i could not get the bigger picture...hehe...my mistake of A or O - though ads are quite good indeed...

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Fernando Montero
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Somebody kick my balls.

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