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I didn't understand :(

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Tommy G.
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I'm been searching for 30 seconds and many possibilities came up to my mind. Even after that, I'm not more advanced.
It's not to supposed to be an enigma, the message is not clear enough and in that sense, it's not communicating well enough.

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The clue is in the name: Puff. The image reveals, that what you took as stains (mustard, ketchup, grass), are actually very light feathers. Ergo: this detergent just blows the stains away. I think its obvious.

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You used three lines to explain it. This means it's not so obvious.

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It definitely isn't obvious. How are you supposed to come to that correlation of red feather's equating to ketchup with just the line saying "Puff." You sound like you helped make this ad.

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Oh I thought it meant 'soft as feather'. If that was really what it meant then it failed. Cuz I got the wrong impression.

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I don't know what the ad is meant to say...

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Only this one is clear. I like it. But both others aren't too obvious as this one, with others we can't make link with stains easily.

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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not easy in first, but really good... nice job;-)

PS : for Purshotham
Thats mean that its easy to remove the tasks

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