Público Newspaper: The public is me, 5

Ipsilon is the Publico newspaper's suplement dedicated to art, music and culture. Fugas is the Publico newspaper's suplement dedicated to travelling and leisure. Every time the word “Public” appears in Portuguese it’s referring to both “Público” as the Portuguese word for public (pertaining to the people, or community, or group), and the “Público”, the name of the Portuguese newspaper. The copywriting of this publicity campaign is based on the play on words of those two meanings.

Advertising Agency: Nossa, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Director: Nuno Cardoso
Art Director: Tiago Prandi
Copywriters: Nuno Cardoso, João Moura
Illustrator: Filipe Alves
Account manager: Duarte Durão


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bahhhh.... this is quiet bad. what awful art direction. God!

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great headline, great art direction

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if this campaign is for this newspaper, then why is there a macbook pro and an iPhone??
besides the art doesnt fit for a newspaper, its so festive!

| Everartz |

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This is new, congratulations.

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Marlus Lau
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Great colours in this camapign.

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