Publicis Life Brands Resolute: Binary Code

Here is our new website:
It looks better on screen: visit

Advertising Agency: Publicis Life Brands Resolute, UK
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Shaheed Peera

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The site is just as bland as the ad itself. And yes, I know what 0's and 1's mean.

My favorite Publicis site:

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Really?! Binary not HTML code? You're appealing to the tech savvy target who knows what binary is and they also know you don't use it to build websites. Morons!

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HTML code is binary code too. Everything you do on a computer is binary.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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yes ultimately only 0s and 1s are read by the processor. maybe a better idea to proclaim their digital-ness would have been to write their website address as the full IP address instead of URL so couls have been http//:123.323.432.533:22356 or whatever

You Are What You Expect

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I like it :)

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