PSP: Adrenalin

Accuracy, in small doses.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Gustavo Reyes
Creative Directors: Maxi Sánchez, Mariano Duhalde, Tony Waissmann, Pedro Pappalardo
Art Director: Ivan Zimmermann
Copywriter: Rodrigo Raíces


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George Constanza
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Brilliant, well done fellows.
Thumbs up for you!

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Good's so fresh and impact.


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harrison bruce
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Wicked cool!

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Like it very much, congratulations

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I like it.

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Small doses of adrenaline? Everyone just like it a lot right?
But it´s cool

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Sure PS2 is promoting drug use. Great way to get parents to gain parents support.

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

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There are bad drugs and good drugs. A pill don't nesesarily have to be seen as negative. And the mean of the ad is other..

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i don't get it. can someone explain please.

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PSP is portable, you can take it wherever you want and use it whenever you need. The pill represents what each kind of videogame provides you when you play it.

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fantastic work...loved it

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These are Awesome, the only comment I have is first the fact that all three executions have the pills in the exact same position, which means that they just changed the elements of the capsules. Finally that's not how you spell ADRENALINE.

other than that I loved them

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19 pencils

I like it... its really simple, well executed and meaningful.

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Ps.. adrenalin can actually be written either "adrenaline" or "adrenalin"...both are correct. Adrenalin is more correct though. look it up.

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You are right dude, I take it back...

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Looks badass and very well executed, but every time I see a pill execution I want to pull out award annuals from 1995

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Brilliant campaign. That said a lot since I'm a Nintendo fan and I hate PSP as a product.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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This his a copy of a Ogilvy AD i sore in a golf magazine. See on and look at best 2006 "Affiche" Reunion Mayotte you will see the same idea for a the Golf Club of Colorado!!!!

Simple ideas are the best !

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dean viii
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Ripped off. Done back around 1996 by TDA.

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