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A. Didn't realize that visual was supposed to be a hole in the begining.

B. Very first thought. Show and tell between the visual and copy.

Thought I won't write just "bad!" this time :)

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Alistair C.
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at least you could have made the whole look more.. organic... like this, it looks fake. and the perspective is disturbing.

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sorry, cant waste a comment on this...

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Hey! I've dropped school and it didn't hurt that much:))

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So not havig education does just that much to u?... oh then its beneficail to get away without education.

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You people don't get it! By not having an education there's a missing piece to the puzzle of your life, your future... your career! Geez, I'm afraid to know what they are really teaching in design classes anymore.

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Oh yeah, we designers get that, the concept it's not the problem. The visual is too literal, obvious and the execution is poor. With that concept you can end up having a much more better ad, at least on design level.

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OK, if it's a missing puzzle, than make it look like a puzzle. But, then again, it's a too literal idea... Sorry to say, but it's a bad, bad bad idea and execution also... :(

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Worst Photoshop Ever Award!


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The only thing that conveys the message across is its execution. Poor execution can spoil the best idea in the world. Vice versa a brilliant execution can get award for the poorest idea.

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Oh, What a sixth sense, for the campaign.

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The ad is supposed to be literal.
Concept and execution keep the message in your face.
the client liked it and continued the ad campaign... why? Because it worked and not at the expense of some, "beveling of the type and ooh way cool usage of the photoshop filters, dude!"

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Technically you could fil that empty whole with a well design sticker onto your forehead and bingo no one will ever know you are un educated

Strike two stones with one bird

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La Negret
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When you drop out off school you get a two inches hole in your head, through which people can see that you just have skin inside your head, not a brain?

What ruins the ad is the bad perspective :(

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