Protex: Wrapped Dog

Protects From 99% Of All Germs

Advertising Agency: Advantage Y&R, Windhoek, Namibia
Creative Director / Art Director: Patrick Held
Copywriter: Abed Erastus
Post Production: Carsten Klask / Postroom

May 2011


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Jaap Grolleman
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Oh this is not related to the next ad ;p

Just wondering, is this soap meant for people or animals? Kinda confuses me on that topic.

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I like dogs and I don't like this ad. Besides his mouth has the most bacteria and it's not covered.

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Nike Diesel
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Not confusing whatsoever.
The dog's covered 99.9% of his body, so the kids can play with it. Without getting germs and bacterias on yourself.
Boring old strategy executed with a funny pic.

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Looks like animal cruelty
Anyway do people think of domestic dogs as being that dirty? Maybe they do in the target market I don't know. If so still think that it could have been presented in a better way maybe at least including the person to be protected

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I remember this has been done done done. With wrapped babies and all. And some kid might imitate this ad haha.


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god..stop making animals look like slaves to the humans..

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lame idea
poor art.

Guy that had this idea needs to clean his mind.

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it's just an antibacterial hand jel which protects you for all that whatever not healthier for you.
I think this is not bad but maybe the idea could be found locally.

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