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March 2010
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The water is your home. It's where you rip. Where you ride. Where you belong.

This Summer, Protest helps you never leave the water with Island Protest: Your surfing home-away-from-home. The new Protest Summer 2010 campaign from KesselsKramer centers on Island Protest: A custom-built, floating sanctuary that helps surfers around the world stay in the water for as long as they want.

Island Protest has everything the mainland does: comfortable couches, WIFI, cell phone access, a toilet, a kitchen, ping-pong... with one important addition:

It sits between some of the world's most killer waves. Island Protest will travel to some of the world's top surf events this summer. Reject the boring. Embrace the wetness. Protest to get there.

Never leave the water
Surf till you can't keep your eyes open. Dream of surfing. The surf some more. Island protest makes trips to the shore obsolete. Protest to get there.

Advertising Agency: KesselsKramer, The Netherlands
Creatives: Ewoudt Boonstra, Zack McDonald
Producer: Debora den Iseger
Photography: Dustin Humphrey

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They could have come up with ideas based on the copy alone....but it's a lifestyle fashion ad campaign.