Protege Group: Burglars, 2

Graphic Production: Marcos Pedra, Alexandro Coelho.

Advertising Agency: Lew’Lara\TBWA, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creatives: Ary Nogueira, Bernardo Romero, Igor Cabó, Marcos Almirante
Creative Directors: Jaques Lewkowicz, Manir Fadel, Mariana Sá
Photographers: Paola Vianna, Gabriel Bittencourt
Art-buyer: Ana Karina Mello, Ale Sarilho, Giuliano Springhetti
Account: Marcio Oliveira, Michele Pavão
Media: Luiz Ritton, Rodrigo Simões, André Magalhães, Marina Campanatti

April 2012


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mmm no.

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Peter Frank
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I'm not really familiar with much home security advertising, but I'm guessing this is probably a different angle to a lot of the other stuff. I'm thinking it could be effective.

Is this print?

Assuming this is aimed at buyers of home security systems, and pretend-aimed at burglers...

I know a lot of directors don't like to use lots of copy, but my guess would be that this would be more effective with some copy about how Protege get people caught.

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Luiz Eduardo Ozório
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Lamento Caros, mas esta campanha já saiu. Trânsito amigo, ganhadora de alguns prêmios.
Para maiores esclarecimentos:

Sorry, this campaign has left. Traffic friend, winning some prizes.
For further information:

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Peter Frank
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Sorry Luiz Eduardo Ozório. Totally different campaigns. These are great ads here.

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Honestly, I am kind of beyond tired of the whole police line up approach.

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The art is weak: neither portrait quality nor police lineup effect

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Nike Diesel
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not bad.

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The police that we all would like.

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