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Really good idea! Yet so mean... But in my opinion they would be even better without the blood. It's too obviuos which contradicts the idea.

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Pacific Blue
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What does exactly the typographer do in this ad?

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They get their name on a Lion.

I really like this campiagn, the skateboard kid is the best.
I think they may even have an impact on the target audience, something very rarely seen in most award winning ads.

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agree with posty, would be better without the blood.
anyway, great ads.

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Fresh and funny.

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Nice and dark. Speaks to the boofhead target market.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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This is a great campaign. The concept is strong, the execution is really good too. I like the desaturation of the background image to help focus the eye on the jigsaw puzzles. From a composition standpoint, these ads are really well done.


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These series are great. But I cant help but notice the shadow of the puzzle boxes for all 3 ads.
It just doesn't 'fit'. But attention grabbing, nonetheless.

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nice idea. but it sounds so cruel . hehe.

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