Prostate Cancer Foundation: Thong

Prostate cancer? A blood test will tell you.
The early detection examination for prostate cancer no longer takes place where it would be expected. A simple blood test in the crook of the arm suffices. Preferably early on. Ask your doctor and gain information on

Photographer: Gerhard Merzeder

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/LIMMAT Zürich, Switzerland
Executive Creative Director: Alexander Jaggy
Copywriter: Samuel Knaus
Advertiser's Supervisor: Thomas Lautenschlager
Account Supervisor: Remo Brunner
Art Buyer: Erasmo Palomba
Art Director: Patrick Beeli

July 2009


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Roshan Quintus
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well done ! superb

bite me

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nice idea!

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jai hind
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jai hind
art director

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no doubt about the cognition qualities of the entire campaign.
now, i'm supposing that the forearm and the muscular upper arm are representing the testicles...
am i right?
if not, ivan, do give me the dope on this one

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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a prostate examination is no longer involving your ass, but the vein on your arm.

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As wordnerd explained. The copy on the ad explains it.

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I'm not sure if I'd like to see an entire arm next to the words prostate and blood.
And I know that is exactly the point of the campaign, ... but still....

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Nince art direction and superb idea with good copy

Live with Passion

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Emran Hayat
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funny but nice idea

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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mmm... nice :)

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oh, p3nis elbow decease! I get it.

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Good way to attack a subject many men are fearful of. The crook of the arm where the anus/rectal exam would be, but instead where blood is drawn. Weird enough to make you look, and goofy enough to make you smile.

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Dev Kumar
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:-)...could it have been done better?...Well, No.

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I knew the Swiss were good with cuckoo clocks and chocolate. It seems creative advertising is another one of their talents. These are great!

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waoh! that was wat came out of my mouth wen i read d copy great idea.nice one.thumbs up!


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really nice!

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