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"We turned a child who couldn't hear into a typical 2 year old who doesn't listen."
One of the most memorable headlines in recent ad history.
Absolutely loved that ad! Very strong campaign.

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yeah, sounds great. was that for mount sinair, as well?

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Yes. One of the very first ads in the campaign a couple of years ago.
Copy talked about a hearing device implant surgery for a little deaf girl who flew all the way from Romania for the operation. I still pretty much remember the copy word for word. Made such an impact on me.

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Jonny Lonestar
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hah me too! loved it.

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I like this one...

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Not Woody Kay

I do like these, but everything from the lines to the art direction just reeks of Pagano Schenck & Kay's hospital ads that were in every award book.

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Sal Dell Vito

P + K!!!

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Ed Mintone
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Nice bit of copy Mr. DeVito

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Not Sal DeVito ...

I take it John is Sal's son?

It is good writing.

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didn't need the word, "even." it's condescending and wasn't necessary to make the point.

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