Propaganda & Marketing / Newspaper: Chales Darwin

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Advertising Agency: age. comunicações, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Carlos Domingos
Art Director: Henrique Mattos
Copywriter: Daguito Rodrigues
Published: June 2009


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Actually Darwin in his famous book The Origin of Species addresses in detail who's work he's building on. Regardless, it's a good ad. :)

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There are good examples of the power of good marketing over solid achievement. This is not one of them

Charles Darwin came up with the Theory of Evolution some 30 years before Wallace, and spent his whole professional life working on it and other problems in natural science. Wallace deserves and has received credit for coming up with the idea independently, but compared with Darwin's contribution to the field was a dilettante.

The fact Darwin delayed publication so long was to a large extent because of his deep aversion to publicity and public notice. Darwin was scrupulous in crediting Wallace btw. IMO Wallace's greatest achievement was in prompting Darwin to publish when he did. My gut feeling is Darwin would have preferred 'The Origin of Species' to be published after his death so he would miss the fuss. That is speculative, but he was certainly not planning to publish before Wallace came to the same answer and contacted him about it.

To suggest his name is known because of 'good marketing' on Charles Darwin's part is so laughably incorrect and misinformed as to taint the whole ad.

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Dev Kumar
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Thanks for the info :-)...

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It´s a pleasure for me to read this kind of words on these pages

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the ad puts someone as 'deprived' of the credit which seems to have been 'stolen' by the other part. reality is much different. the TG of the ad should be aware of this. in such case, will this be a good ad? may be, yes. cause 'propmark' still clears its role more vividly.


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Anyway good idea

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This campaign, although smart, is insulting to Darwin and other notable men of science.

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