Project Ahon: Pop Up House

The project shows How a donation for building homes for typhoon victims also helps the advertiser Through Project AHON, media owners gave discounted rates for ad spaces, advertisers paid full price, and the difference was given to Red Cross.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Guerrero \ Proximity, Philippines
Chief Creative Officer / Copywriter: David Guerrero
Executive Creative Directors: Joel Limchoc, Simon Welsh
Creative Director / Copywriter: Tin Sanchez
Creative Director / Art Director: Brandie Tan
Art Directors: Peepo David, Dennis Nierra
Producer: Al Salvador
Retoucher: Manny Vailoces
Account Manager: Marion Manalo, Belay Santillan


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Pop-up ads are always nice but nothing new. Besides that they're very expensive and that's strange if you're a fundraiser, in my humble opinion....

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I like it, but this particular placement in some Flow magazine did not seem to raise much money.. Enough to build just one house.

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I've done things like this and it's VERY expensive and time consuming to produce. Kudos if you were able to pull it off on budget.

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They should have just donated the media spend and did a video why they did it.

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they actually did.

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妈比 都是英语

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