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This would be great if this was for the retouching boutique of the original one (since the lego ad won at Cannes), other than that... well... I'm not much into the borrowed interest thing.

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i love it! :)
and they should be recognized for their hand in these ads.

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These are very poor. they could have used the idea to demonstrate something without ripping off other ads. Why would any consumer relate this to another ad unless it was placed in the same publication? I feel the idea is solid but they got lazy on the execution.

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...because the target is the ad community... and not 'any' consumer. The idea: if you want your ads to WIN GOLD then come to us...

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And Pray Tell... what's this laziness you refer to about the execution?

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The Lego bricks look yellow, just ordinary Lego bricks. Whereas the other executions really look like gold.

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Gud work...but I have a feeling of having seen the same concept some place else too...
cant really point out the ads but faintly remember a silver award statue being turned into gold...or something of that sort...Ivan can u kindly help...or any of u...

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Mandla N
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Better than the last one....great detailing!

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It seems remarkable to me that someone in the calibre of Farrokh Madon would pass a 'First Idea' of this nature. This is probably the most (over)used idea for ads that win at award shows. There must be a very very large amount of times this idea has been used for this very purpose. People get lazy yes we all know but for Mr. Madon to let go a chance of doing some great edgy work for procolour that's just really wierd. Furthermore procolor has played a major part in many a gold lion winning campaign but for them to settle for this for their own campaign is a little silly.

A couple of months ago there was a campaign on this site for a retouching studio which showed people turning their silver clios, pencils, lions etc into gold now if that was pretty basic (which it actually was) then this ranks waaaaaaaaay lower in my book.

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