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Straight to the point. Works for me..

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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Yeah, you solve it with your legs...

...Ya know, those instruments you use every day to walk, to move... to go from one place to another. And you don't need to go to the gym to climb or go down a few stairs, do you?

Everyone with a pair of legs will do it.

Exercise, in every way!

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Ok, I'll give you a challenge:
walk up 4 floors and tell me how you feel

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Beatboxer- Believe it or not, lots of people aren't capable of getting passed 3 flights of stairs without huffing and puffing and turning red in the face. So I'd say going to the gym and working out would be a benefit to alot of folks.

Nice insight and approach for a difficult category!

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Hrm, interesting.

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simple idea. very nice photo and art direction.

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best of 3

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