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andrej dwin
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I guess it's a good idea, but it's been done before with hairs, won some awards and didn't make me really go wow even then.
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Ad Junkie At Large
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i guess it tells people the tape is strong but aligator...why?

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actually, when an alligator is caught (in a garden or pool or something), they tape his mouth with what we would normally call a ridiculous amount of tape. The reason is, that alligators and crocs have MUCH stronger muscles to shut their moutch than to open it.
Of course, they use more tape than this, but maybe thats the idea's origin.

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The tape is very hard to see. Need more focus to the tape. But good ad.

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The story is unfinished... but it's the beginning of a good ad.

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good idea, I haven't seen it before.

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You haven't seen it before means you haven't seen enough.

Anyway, I've seen same idea, but using hair to bundle the croc's mouth, it's for strong hair shampoo.

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It might've been good to see a hint of a pool or garden in the background, just to give it some more relevance. Pretty good though.

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done for 3M

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i like it!!!!!! good good idea.

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Super idea, super ad.
A creative strategist at work

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