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very nice jobs,

ahmed ragheb's picture
ahmed ragheb
297 pencils

i like it !!

Moe Al_mahayni's picture
Moe Al_mahayni
86 pencils

but if the soap was used once, the impression will go, so only the first person who uses the soap will get the message?

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296 pencils


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834 pencils

Uhhh...I haven't seen soap bars in public bathrooms since...I don't know.
All of them have liquid soap dispensers now, as it's way more hygienic.

It would have been better the soap was given away as direct mail or something like that, IMO.

lucachez's picture
38 pencils

NO,NO,NO, i would put trhee real bricks on the floor and a vinil of a hole in the wall or something , i mean this is kind of lame, have you seen the tv show?.

Assassin's picture
9 pencils

Now why would they want to do a lazy and uninspired first thought like what you suggest?

I like this. It is about escaping from prison, and done in a not-so-first-thought kind of way.

I guess not too many probably would use it to wash their hands when there are soap dispensers in public toilets, but some people would probably pick it up to have a look at it. And for them I'm sure they would get a smile out of it.

whitespace's picture
1953 pencils

The soap would be stolen by the first normal guy.

Cris's picture
47 pencils

nice photos. :)

Olafski001's picture
1193 pencils

pics are better then the idea...

wizzyfx's picture
33 pencils

Although the idea is OK, i believe the only place they still may use soap bars, is the public rest room of a jailhouse. :)

AD1014's picture
307 pencils

a perfect example of guerilla/non-traditional gone stupid. and i'm sure they really placed the soaps "all around new zealand"

Adi_'s picture

haha silly. agree with Geehumshriber.. once-twice used, then flopped. colenso bbdo is one of the best in NZ but this has fallen flat.

smells like a scam too.

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Guest commenter

Don't DROP IT!!!

Agso's picture

Very similar idea for a very similar product. This one's worst.


ArchieLeech's picture
77 pencils

It's nice, IMHO the comments on here are a bit harsh. The only one I agree with is that I don't see this idea widely making it into toilets up and down NZ.

JamurPutih's picture
263 pencils

prison break? isn't the show talks about tattoo?

end of joy, enjoy

skeMaMen's picture
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Well... kinda boring... don't like it. I supossed I would never wash my hands with this soap, and btw... this bathroom really looks like an old-fashion-never-cleaned room...

>>> Design with no knowledge about printing, it's not design!

>>> Designed to be signed...

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1685 pencils

The impression wouldn't last long. Hmm. And do people really use bar soap in public bathrooms in New Zealand? Seems unsanitary.

zein's picture

i did not like it

blueturtles's picture
239 pencils

like it. finally, after flipping through a bunch of annoying ones, a good one emerges.

i heart bbdo. :)

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C'mon Kiwis. (and Colenso for that matter). You don't have to follow your asian neighbours (singapore/malaysia/china/india/et al) with their award winning scams to win creative recognition. You're all above that kinda inferiority-complex s***.

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