Shaped like nothing else, 3

May 2009
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Advertising Agency: Grey Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Keith Ho
Creative Directors: Helen Sze
Art Directors: Helen Sze, Kato, Raymond Wong

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I doubt that I will get a reply from you since that is one "benefit" of posting as a guest: you can make cynical comments whenever you desire and you can go back into hiding as you laugh at getting people all worked up or upset. However, I just thought that I would get one thing straight in case anyone else happens to be "following my posts."

I simply state my view in the comments section, which is what everyone else here does (i.e. you). I never said I am always right, but I post what I feel rather than contribute things such as "crap ad" or "DONE!"

I believe the graphic is nice, but my problem with the ad is that the headline reads "Shaped like nothing else" when in fact Lays Stax are curved and stackable (just like Pringles). I do no't see the benefit in telling the public to buy your product, because of its "unique shape."

Then again, I didn't receive the brief so maybe you may shed some insight on that and enlighten me with your knowledge. One thing I did do though is give you the response and much needed attention that you were seeking. May I now have an internship at your ad agency as Art Director? ;)


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