Pringles: Shaped like nothing else, 1

Advertising Agency: Grey Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Keith Ho
Creative Directors: Helen Sze
Art Directors: Helen Sze, Kato, Raymond Wong


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It does make a point.
But it does not make me go get one rit now.
But yeah it does register in the mind in a quite positive way.

"Aha! Pringle's."

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Little confused by now. ??

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shaped for nothing else ---> I think they mean that you cant play ping pong on a table shaped like that, or eat in a plate with that shape, or listen to a LP that looks like that. Thats why Pringles is unique. UNIQUE SHAPE.

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the idea is not very unique.but the whole thing is quite subtle.

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Black Fauns
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Who really gives a rats arse abut the shape ... and you're not telling me anything i don't already know. Weak.

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I always thought it was shaped like a horse saddle. Or half a duck bill.

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there was toblerone campaign with same communication few years ago.
They referred on their shape (triangle) producing LP ,s Bicycles, and other stuff in triangles with the message:
good that we didn't invent anything else except toblerone.
here is the link of one of the prints:

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