Prince Edward Island Lung Association: Drinking

Campaign directed at occasional smokers under the age of 25.

Advertising Agency: Extreme Group, Halifax, Canada
Creative Director: Shawn King
Associate Creative Director: Cliff Thompson
Art Director: James Rothenburg
Photographer: James Ingram
Post Production: Darren Hubley
Account Executive: Dave Denny
Published: December 2006


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So? What? Weak message.

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refrigerator robot
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social smokers will obviously get that.... mainly based on their belief that beer and cigarettes are such good complements

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Im a "social smoker", but the ad doesnt persuade me at all of doing or stop doing anything. Its Just, that for me, it needs a stronger copy or maybe the strategy could be better.

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of course it doesn't persuade you.
as a smoker, you feel offended by anti smoking ads (evident, considering the fact that these ads usually portray smokers as weak, unambitious and sometimes as dumb).
the point about anti smoking ads is to keep people aware of the dangers of smoking and to socially ostracise smoking, especially within the younger generations.

i think it's a good thought.

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i have to disagree with the thought that these particular ads somehow ostracise smoking. if anything they make it look cooler—'hey look, they've made cigarettes for people like me who only smoke when they drink.'

you can't get cute with this kind of message and these ads feel kinda cute to me.

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no, these particular ads don't really include the aspect of ostracising smoking, i was rather referring to anti-smoking ads in general.

if someone's reading the text on the packages and goes "hey, cool" he will also read the line at the bottom of the page which exposes the "cute" packages as the visualised self-deception, the mentality of playing-down one's own habit/addiction.

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Antismoking campaigns, mostly, are just political horses for a few people, they really dont give a shit about no one health.

But you are right, i dont like antismoking ads, as a creative because most of them are so lame, and as a smoker.

In fact,at this moment, i could use a good glass of 23 year old Rum and a smoke, so, im gonna hit the bar, right now!


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hehe, cheers

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I like it!

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i think you need to be much more in your face with this kind of message. these fall a little flat. i know that social smoking is still smoking, now convince me that it is equally harmful to my health.

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it´s doesn´t persuade me either. they are not convincing.
they tell a truth that has no importance to a smoker.

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No fixed abode
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Nice insight. Boring execution

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extreme boring, from the extreme, lolz

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its my thought!
i think occassional smokers might give a thought about it.

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First idea.

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why spent money targetting at social smokers...if they do their research right...person having 1 or 2 ciggies a day is not considered a least that's what my insurance company says...having 1 or 2 burgers will actually do more damage...

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I'm identified with this one! :D

and I'll still smoke when I drink... it damages you, as drink does too.

great campaign anyway! nice insights

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wake me when it's over.


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I think they're dead on. Keep in mind that in Canada, all cigarette packaging HAS to include graphic images of rotting teeth, black lungs and birth defects. Canada has aggressive cigarette packaging and the Department of Health mandatory warning label takes up almost 25% of the packaging.

Canadian smokers are perhaps more swamped than Americans and Europeans with in your face pictures designed to shock them into giving up their habit. It may even be that shock ads have become clutter and some are starting to tune out, especially those with the mindset that its not a big problem and they're not really smokers if they only steal a smoke when they're downing a pint.

Extreme's ad is clever. It's colourful, different and stands out in the marketplace that they're pushing it in, which also happens to include a much higher than normal concentration of Universities and educated young urbanites who happen to also make up a high proportion of casual smokers.

As someone who competes in the same market as Extreme, they are dead on.

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Lovely, dead-on summation. Bravo!

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Are you kidding me? Someone's targeting occasional smokers now? Why? You need full-time smokers to become these people before they're able to quit.

There's nothing wrong with having a cigarette every few weeks after a night of drinking. So many worse things for you.

I'm sorry, it's nothing against the ad, which is alright (safe, but gets the point across) this is a big strategic cock-up though. $.02

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