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Nice Collage

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the Pun-isher
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I like that the team steered away from all the "No Smoking" cliche's, but in the end I ask myself" Who Cares?"

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it´s nice to look at and all, but it´s not efective.. does not give a strong message, no one will stop smoking because of this campaign.

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Frits Harkema
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I am not sure, but I do think Prince Charles smokes. And he's not searching.

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Prince Charles....Prince Charming....

oh yeah they are sooo one in the same ~sarcasm~

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I don't think anyone will stop smoking because of a campaign.
Smokers know it's bad, they know it kills... they won't stop unless they WANT to, period!
But nice campaign anyway...

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Art direction is mediocre at best. Too many textures; my eyes goes all over the place. Concept wise it's also a mess. Prince Charming can get whoever he wants even if impotent. Who's your demographic? Kinda tragic for kids, kinda stupid for grown ups.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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