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Dear Sir/Madam

Brand New beginnings is a faith based not-for-profit organization located in the Washington Park community. Brand New Beginnings was founded March 18, 1994 for the purpose of creating supportive housing that will be safe and affordable for low-income families, with priority to homeless women and their children. This requires the organization to depend on funds from outside resources. The women and their children that reside in Brand New Beginnings require a greater need and more funding than the organization can provide with all of its efforts. The women and their children reside in two buildings that are named Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman of Brand New Beginnings.

The children of the women we service have a program to enhance their development. The name of the program is called Generation Joshua Youth council. Brand New Beginnings reward members of the council for their efforts and meeting a criteria set for success as it relates to the points system. The facilitator uses the points system as a way to motivate the children, foster good parent to child relationship and achievement of academic benchmark

The women and children of Brand New Beginnings would appreciate any good gesture of donations such as clothes, dishes, bikes, games, books, school supplies, furniture, food item, computer parts, software, hardware, paint, sporting goods, etc……. All donations are tax deductible

Vision Statement
Brand New Beginnings will impact attitudes, values, and beliefs of the Washington Park community, ending homelessness and violence through training, education, and the development of affordable and supportive housing. We will increase opportunity for employment of the youth and adult in the community.

Mission Statement
To empower low-income residents of the Washington Park and the surrounding neighborhoods to live with a greater sense of safety, dignity, pride and self-respect. To move families toward economic independence through housing, economic empowerment and faith-based youth entrepreneurship. Brand New Beginnings is 501(c)(3) a not-for-profit organization.

You can contact Eric Mitchell at 773-955-5780 .x310
E-mail address


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