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this one leads me to the disturbing question if the 7 dwarfs ever had parents. i would say no. they are completely asexual.

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Snow White. Three of the dwarfs. An ad for condoms. hhmmm....

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Why the HANKY in the top left corner??? (Sorry that was a dig and not helpful).
The idea of limiting the number of kids is a bit done to death, but if you can do it in a different and interesting way then fine. Sadly for me its not interesting nor is it telling me something different about the product - it's just another condom ad that any condom brand could put their logo on.

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Fairytales you often read to your kid before bedtime. So, it is on a bed. And next to it is a pillow.
I woudn't try to find out if dwarfs had a parents or not. The message we wanted to say is there. In all 3 ads. I agree that any condom brand could put their logo on. But it did not. You got me.

I hope next campaign you would like much more.
Thanks for your comments.

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it would have been nicer if you would have shown the parent reading the book to its children. like this it looks not very much appealing.

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agree, would be way better!

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