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July 2008

Print advertisment created by BBH, Brazil for Prime Personal Banking, within the category: Finance.

Time and life. If you don't have the first, you don't have the second.

Advertising Agency: Neogama/BBH, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Alexandre Gama
Art Director: Márcio Ribas
Copywriter: Patrícia Leme
Photographer: Cássio Vasconcellos
Illustrators: Roberto Jun, Daniel Leão
Artist: Sang
Digital Retouch: Daniel Leão, Alexandre Calvin

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Elaine Cipriano's picture
Elaine Cipriano
Activity Score 4

It would be fine for a watch brand. I said "fine". And for a personal banking, I think it's FANTASTIC. It says: Take your time and use it for things that you love. (Don't spend it going to the bank).

Ops! someone just said this.

Mezooo's picture
Activity Score 174

I would have wrote this:

"I really like them...

nice idea and ececution

And thank you for a watch ad that's not stereotypical"

if it would be an ad for a watch brand...
anything this ones...just don't make any sense

so do the same thing for a watch manufacturer,
let the sticky mans do something that's linked to the lifestyle the watch is supposed to express
and it would be a great ad!

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

totally agree!

for a watch it'd be f**king brilliant.
for a bank... well, it's just way off.

great idea wasted. what a pity.
nicely done though.

Audrius Kubrik's picture
Audrius Kubrik
Activity Score 828

totally not agree. i really don't have much clue what personal banking is, but i can easily grasp that, in general, it saves your time.

which, a watch can't match. saying that a watch could save your time would be an awkward overpowering of a product for my money.

wildbore's picture
Activity Score 749

yes. great ads. but NOT 4 PERSONAL BANKING.
pls findout a watch manufacturer. they wil love these ads. ( try.u can)
good job guys!

andré ™'s picture
andré ™
Activity Score 144

I'd have to disagree, cause it's perfect for banking and way more clever also, with some watch brand would just be another ad for watches.

So therefore I have to say it's one of the best campaigns I've seen so far.

Very Good Job!

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

@ you and Audrius Kubrik: print this ad, cover the logo, leave the headline and ask people what's it for.

if more than 2% says it's for banking I'll admit I was wrong.
in other case it's called relevance.

thirty6chambers's picture
Activity Score 1464

that's pretty senseless. if you covered up the logo for most service ads and some product ads, you would have no idea what it was for as well.

I agree that upon first look at the visual, this would seem to be a watch ad. But once I read the copy and saw the logo I immediately made sense of it. Now, if this was for a watch company, this concept would make no sense. Think about it.

whitespace's picture
Activity Score 1953

actually the guy above you makes sense.

if you were in the market for banking but don't really care about watches, you won't read the copy - you'd just turn the page.

and if it's for a watch company, the visual alone tells me that their watches tell a story. time to live, time to eat, time for everything.

the relevance has to hit home way before the person consciously processes it by reading the copy. hook and bait.

theanc's picture
Activity Score 2783
izmild's picture
Activity Score 770

Great idea. time and life! The execution is nise...

onestepahead's picture
Activity Score 97

LOVE IT! the line is great, a bit layered but stil for a evolved market the ad is just Good.

ManchuChanchu's picture
Activity Score 701

haven't these already won something cannes? superb never the less. solid idea beautifully executed. the way advertising should be without contrived connects.

rupeshkashyap's picture
Activity Score 6

hey superb campaign! great line and great art but product connect is really weak. initially i thought it is for watch brand only but presonal banking....i am not too sure.

brc912's picture
Activity Score 105

Completely agree... beautiful art and concept for a watch company, but it does not make sense for personal banking.

fifilo's picture
Activity Score 74

Nice one.

niffob's picture
Activity Score 94

All of them very nice.

Very good copy and art direction.

Well done.

iamcreative's picture
Activity Score 262

nice campaign

Sepia's picture
Activity Score 12

Personal banking?huh?

ricklongo's picture
Activity Score 1244

I don't think the idea is that great. Nice, but not great.

But unlike some people here, I also think it fits perfectly with the brand. They're selling a concept: take the time to do the stuff you like. Personal banking is a dynamic service, that keeps you from wasting extra hours in bank lines. What's not to get?

manal's picture
Activity Score 16

very creative!

EscolaElisava's picture
Activity Score 106

didnt read the comments. but loved the copy!!!

dlkgrsy's picture
Activity Score 36

Easy concept, interesting copy, hard to execute visually but nailed it perfectly.

Elaine Cipriano's picture
Elaine Cipriano
Activity Score 4

It would be fine for a watch brand. I said "fine". And for a personal banking, I think it's FANTASTIC. It says: Take your time and use it for things that you love. (Don't spend it going to the bank).

Ops! someone just said this.

andré ™'s picture
andré ™
Activity Score 144

Everything fits perfectly, the copy(just wonderful), the Idea(good) and the execution(classic), they all reach the target.

deepside's picture
Activity Score 177

The visual effect is beautiful but i don't think the whole poster can really express their idea

alnore's picture
Activity Score 212

i think it's also good for personal banking.
and time is money, right?
but the copy is waay more brilliant

skeMaMen's picture
Activity Score 428

And the point is, bank has take your time cause you don't have time to eat at home?! What's the point about plate and food?

>>> Designed to be signed...

Davosk's picture
Activity Score 4815

Beautiful work. The agency should be very proud of its creative staff and do all they can to keep them.

Guest's picture

The concept is great as it's thought provoking.
Could it be used for lots of things? Sure.
BUT, I bet whereever the ad was placed, if it was,
all other ads surrounding it paled in comparison.
Just look in any financial mag. Pretty blah stuff.

Guest's picture

anyone have a link to the Prime Banks website?... having trouble finding it

keith kadira's picture
keith kadira
Activity Score 8

gud one

audyreza's picture
Activity Score 105

haaaa like this one
thumbs up!

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