Prime Condoms: Pool

Wherever the mood strikes you.

Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Juan Cruz Bazterrica, Guillermo Castañeda
Copywriter: Fernando Fryd
Art Director: Jorge Martinez
Account Supervisor: Rodrigo Luque


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I think they're trying something new here. Very cool.

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Crisp One
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except condoms in the pool water probably will not be very effective llol

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somehow this just connects!

a paradise in waiting, perhaps? I especially liked the background -- unchartered territory!

There are so many possibilities here, that just makes this great. I am imagining, for example how deep is that pool?

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Frits Harkema
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If the water is cold, there will be a problem. Not with this condom! It shrinks in cold water. Great!

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I really don't think this is saying anything for the brand. What's the product benefit? Portability? I think that's sort of a given with condoms.

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