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How come this ad is from 3 years ago (2005)?

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Charlie Pratt
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Cool! Simple, direct.

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1st level. Not enough. Next please!

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I don't like it. Nintendo is most for men and kids. Women may like them too, but way less than men. So I don' see a woman buying a nintendo for herself, or a man being guided to the store because this ad.

Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

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I for one don't see a man buying a pink nintendo, well, some might.

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but this edition is for woman. i like it (tripioso see the box and the game boy color).
La mujer es el público.

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agree with u jhon
they didnt even see the whole ad
dont asume just c the whole picture first then say

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Cute. I like it.

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Ok, but it's just an half-a-smile. Not enough for any prize or award.

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Smart product, poor ad.
Lost occasion.

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yes this is meant for females - but i don't think it speaks to "women" it speaks to girls as well. girls who are 9 already buy makeup & compacs, so why wouldn't this speak to them as well? & the world of gaming is still small for girls, but gets bigger and bigger w/ tourneys.

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Whoa! Nice to see a decent Italian ad for a change!

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Ah, they didnt need to add the compacts! The pink Nintendo alone--maybe with a lipstick, blotted kleenex, other scattered purse cotents--would have done the job perfectly! They just spoon fed us the concept. "Look! Look! It looks like a makeup compact!" Boo!

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nice! really liked it!

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Regardless of the quality/content of the ad...

Tripioso, you are misinformed about the current demographics of video game players. Yes men in the 15-35 age group are the majority, but not nearly so much as in days past.

I currently don't play/have a video game console but I play an online MMORPG on my Mac. A huge part of the community in that game do not fall into the 15-35 y.o male category, including females of many age ranges. It's the same with consoles (even more so now with the Nintendo Wii.)

I bought the original ugly beige Game Boy with my own money at the age of 8, and I bought screen covers in different colors to personalize it. I'm not a particular fan of pink, but I would have loved to have a choice of colors in those days! Cell phones and laptops are being advertised lately for their different colors, including pink.

Despite the fact that I'm not a fan of the baby pink color, I like the ad and think it would appeal to the demographic they are trying to reach.

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Now it's Game Girl :)

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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I could not believe that this is done by Leo Burnett.

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How come this ad is from 3 years ago (2005)?