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Activity Score 14

I think you need a line here, its to subtle

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Gregory Spencer W.
Activity Score 7


Gregory Spencer W.'s picture
Gregory Spencer W.
Activity Score 7

congratulations guys!

Bye's picture
Activity Score 1464

Any relation perhaps to the guys you've just so overwhelmingly congratulated?

WQ graphics's picture
WQ graphics
Activity Score 37

nice but again where is the messege guys or is it addressed to intellegnet people only

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Activity Score 232


Jr.'s picture
Activity Score 2

Dormimundo is the largest mattresses store in Mexico. Any dream could become true when sleeping in our mattress.

fconch's picture
Activity Score 4

The ads are about dreams. Both executions are great dreams so I think they are trying to associate the quality of the matress with the quality of the dreams. But thats me anyway.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

So, what you're essentially saying is that this ad is about a bunch of Mexican nationals dreaming about someday becoming the President of the United States?

That is some serious "quality" dream you've got there, my friend. Nothing wrong with aiming too high (or too low for that matter.) ; D

kre8's picture
Activity Score 989

i took out that once you faint/pass out, this is a soft mattress to fall on..

kre8's picture
Activity Score 989

just saw the 2nd ad... you were right.

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Activity Score 987

its nice. very award targeted. in order to work in real life you need a line.

andypandy's picture
Activity Score 14

I think you need a line here, its to subtle

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Activity Score 253


A.G. Pennypacker's picture
A.G. Pennypacker
Activity Score 607

Keep dreaming people. These ads put me to sleep.

Dalbir Singh's picture
Dalbir Singh
Activity Score 552

To me looks more like some kind of cushion (shock absorber) for the toughest job in the world (apparently).


niranjanhg's picture
Activity Score 211

This is really a good campaign.very nice idea.I liked the coment of Mr.Dalbir.

nice gaijin's picture
nice gaijin
Activity Score 815

Needs a tag to tie the idea to the visual.

What I find funny about this one is that it's a Mexican mattress company with a Mexican target audience, and the podium is that of the US President. The other one isn't nearly as clever, perhaps it was an accident?

H.'s picture
Activity Score 32

Nice art direction and photography.
Art is real freedom

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

Totally went over my head.

El Daniel's picture
El Daniel
Activity Score 12

woow! an exellent job is incredible!

matas2099's picture
Activity Score 34

Le hace falta un cierre. No queda claro.

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Activity Score 139

This is so unclear it's bad. A line would totally destroy it 'cause you'd be explaining it. The problem is in the concept. Maybe it's award oriented like some people say. Well, that's bullshit, because we're supposed to be talking to people, and with all due respect no one out there can possible get this. You have to be clear first, then say something, THEN try to be cool.

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