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Good insight.
But i'm NOT disturbed by this. As the headline suggests i should be.
It's funny to me,
so i think the execution is off.

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Its so bad it IS funny... they don't look pregnant in the least little bit...they look as though their torso has had some HORRIBLE photoshop work done to it... oh wait... it HAS had that.... that would be the ONLY "disturbing" thing for me, the photoshop work... not to mention the idea isnt really that great...

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they don't look pregnant for me too...

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VERY old idea,done to death

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It just looks like a kid sticking his gut out. Poor execution of an ok idea.

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Like the editor - the boobs went down her tummmy.

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They all seem to me like they a ate a looooooot!!! It looks gross.

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yeah, funny, not disturb.
this dont make people care about the teenagers pregnancy... just the teenager himself (father or mother) will feel disturb...

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Beer gut lol
Guess I see the point but yeah...badly done

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Okay so you people are defitnly not getting the point of the idea, or the reasoning behind it. Its supposed to make you think about all Pregnant teen couples and the hardships they have to do endure. They want you to get involved to help come up with a way to help teens not put a permant hold on their teen age years. So stop making fun of it for two seconds, and think about what it would be to you, if you had ever lost your teenage life and childhood. It's sad that Im fourteen and I understand this. Oh and to all of you people who are making fun of how it looks, well guess what because they did that; you will always remeber it. And since you will always remember it you will remeber that teen pregancy is a serious issue. So for those who say this is badly done, you need to rethink it.

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