Prefeitura De Belo Horizonte: Speak For Her, 2

Speak for her. Call 100 to report child sexual abuse.

Illustrator: Sergio Paulo

Advertising Agency: Perfil Publicidade, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Chief Creative Officers: Carlos Eduardo Porto Moreno
Creative Directors: Waldemar França, Márcia Lima
Copywriter: Márcia Lima
Art Director: Waldemar França
Photographer: Marco Mendes
Typographer: Waldemar França
Account Supervisor: Maira Schreck
Account Manager: Priscila Miranda

February 2012


KimKong's picture
198 pencils

These ads are devastatingly heartbreaking to me. I think that's the point, since it makes me want to act. This one is particularly moving, as it seems to be that point in a therapy session where the third person explanation of an event becomes real and traumatic again. I do agree with the other commenter that the 3D text looks off. Nevertheless, I think this is a very strong campaign.

Quinqui31's picture
57 pencils

agree with the "devastatingly heartbreaking" and the 3d text effect. it's out of range according to the ad. though is a powerful campaing!

himynameisdarren's picture
6 pencils

Very powerful bunch of ads. They maybe could have used three different children. Even switched genders. Great concept.

KimKong's picture
198 pencils

Good call - switching genders would have been an interesting tactic that I think would have worked quite well.

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