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ad lover
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explain please...

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Judging by the line, I think they're trying to say that this pregnancy test gives you accurate results fast. I also believe the majority of women would know if they were pregnant if they were that far along.

That said, I don't think this ad has been executed well enough to make buyers say, "Predictor is the pregnancy test I need when I'm trying to conceive.

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yes i think so also ..you are right

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i think what they're trying to say is, eventhough i have a big belly, i need predictor to prove that im really pregnant......
twisted thinking and really neea a time to actually digest this ad, or maybe im just too stupid

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Abhishek Parikh
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She: WOW...good i took this test...it says i am pregnant...
He: What you saying... finally your sudden fatness will make sense now...

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the test makes it sooo clear she's pregnant, as if she was already having such a big belly.
that wasn't to hard, was it?
ad not that good though

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The thought process is seriously twisted here...



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I think its a boy/girl predictor, and the wallpaper is ugly so they need to know which color to paint ASAP

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lazy thought

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freak designs
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must be out of this world kind of ad...???
But plz explain...

aspiring designer

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This ad would make sense and be funnier if she were a malnourished girl with a bloated belly... Black humor, anyone? No? Okay.

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Not sure what this ad is trying to tell me. That these two are the happiest, but dumbest people in the world? I don't see how the image relates to the text, or the image to the product. Ah well...

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