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never seen this before i like it....i dont like the copy.

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me thinks
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Like it.

But why heaven? and not hell? and does this places actually exists?

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It is very improbably that they exist, except for people's imagination. So heaven or hell? It's a highly hypothetical question.

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I agree with you. But for some, this may be very important. Until now, the decision to make was between living in perfect harmony (in heaven) and being fried (in hell). Now it is being bitten by mosquitoes / being fried. Hm, tough choice...

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me thinks
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Did you noticed the published date? Its October 2007.

ivan's picture

Probably it is planned for it.

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i like these...a little tongue in cheek. it doesnt matter if these places exist guys...this get the point across nicely. And its very different, cant see any ' its been done' comments on this one.

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Never seen it and i have good memory. Its not brilliant any way its good. Its not a ...you know what.

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I don't think you have a good memory, you remember having seen stuff but can never remember where.

A half-assed memory is not good.

But well done for trying.

It's only an ad.

Rog's picture
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Well said, Buggers.

Half-assed is a good starting point for BBFMF. ;)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Nice, although it looks like St. Pete's been bitten by a vampire rather than a mosquito!

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Please, leave in peace religion.
Using saints and sacred items for this kind of ads is really bad.
And what's worst is that these things come from an indian agency.
Usually they are really careful with their religion.
But maybe they think they're allowed to joke with other religions...
Shame on them!

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mosquitoes = vampire?

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Good ads. Religion issue again. Just a joke.
I don't like skill of the illustrator.

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