Power Horse Energy Drink: Prison

This could get ugly.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland, New Zealand
Art Director: Anthony Hatton
Copywriter: Robbie Brammall
Typographer: Nick Smith
Photographer: Stephen Langdon
Retoucher: The Lounge
Published: April 2008


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484 pencils

that's the best one.

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484 pencils

beautifull art direction.

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yun siang orangutan
298 pencils

Rocks to Number place.

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65 pencils

clear cannes winner

A.G. Pennypacker's picture
A.G. Pennypacker
607 pencils

Please! You guys kill me with this Cannes crap. It's nice but I doubt it's all THAT!

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ming the merciless
190 pencils

Well Pennypacker, it's on the Cannes shortlist, so watch this space.

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ming the merciless
190 pencils

Get out your knife and fork and prepare to eat your words - Silver Lion

A.G. Pennypacker's picture
A.G. Pennypacker
607 pencils

Me? Eat my words? (you don't know me very well do you?) Look, It's not as if I said it sucked, therefore I stand by what I said. Again, it's nice. But for me, it ain't all THAT! When I think of Cannes I think of an EXTREMELY high standard. The epitome of creativity. And for me these just don't reach that elusive peak. Much more deserving stuff out there in my opinion.

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134 pencils

got silver

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Great line, cool pix, funny campaign. Good work.

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Is the humor in this one that they're not getting a bootlegged alcohol machine instead?

"Our factories make cosmetics. We sell hope." -M.Factor

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this one is nice


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494 pencils

This one makes sense. The others... not so much.

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I like the little details, like the guy holding a knife behind his back (only thing is it should have looked more homemade) and the two guys holding hands >.<. Funny as hell.

And no creative180, the humour is still that this is a group of people you dont want hyped on massive energie.

I realy like these, they are different from every other energie drink.

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266 pencils

Sorry. I should have added some kind of emoticon to denote sarcasm.

"Our factories make cosmetics. We sell hope." -M.Factor

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Best of the campaign.


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kind of nice but not a real knockout.

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the shoes...the shoes...

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Exactly sakibafridi!!! :-D Shoes. Especially the guy with nike ... :-D

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1894 pencils

in my opinion the only one that really works

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107 pencils

guess... when is nike.

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Power Horse is an energy drink. AGREED! This campaign has visual strength, it is humerous and is a fresh looking idea.But it has a serious problem also.In all the 3 ads the final outcome after using power horse is release of negative energy-- like a massive brawl in the jail... unruly kids in the class room and so on... Conclusion.The same concept could be formulated to show the release of positive energy, and that would do a world of good for the product in the long run. The last Ad works even without the hidden knife or holding hands. This campaign has a short, fast burning life. HOW LONG CAN POWER HORSE SURVIVE IN THE MARKET WITH THE IMAGE OF A TOTAL TROUBLE MAKER???


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ming the merciless
190 pencils

If you work in advertising, give up now.

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18 pencils

ajajjaaj This is the best one.. Me gusta que te deja en tu imaginación lo que podría venirse después, haciendo una pequeña sugerencia que se va a poner feo..

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mhhhh, are they like about to attack?
I can imagine what it would get too.
Good idea and direction.

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