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i like this most among all three. nice art direction. i love adv that make me happy, and this is.

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are these supposed to be tree stumps, or simply cucumber slices? if so that's a bad association.

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the name 'salad cream' sounds absolutely disgusting to me....must be a european thing...

nice art direction tho..the muted colors work well....dunno how well they translate for a salad as however....seeing as salads are generally pretty colorful....

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I just saw a carrot and a tomato holding hands standing on the ledge of a building rooftop.

Something about not fitting in, being the "minority", and whatnot...

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oh dear oh dear, london is really falling behind.
Are those supposed to be water lillies?
Rule number one for food advertising: Make your product look appetising

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for me, no rules in creativity. Sometimes break the rules will brought me to a new level. Rules LIMIT creativity. seriously always hate people say rule 1 2 3 4 5 999 for advertising.
Some successful food advertising, the food not even appear in the adv!

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you can make food look appetising and have a successful ad too. Rules can be on your side sometimes

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not bad

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