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Jack Kerouac may be dead, but the Beat movement lives on at Grey San Francisco. Recently, Grey SF picked up a new client‹The Beat Museum, home to never-seen-before artifacts, original photos and first-edition books from America¹s first counterculture. Founded by Jerry Cimino in Monterey, California, the Beat Museum recently relocated to San Francisco's North Beach area — the same neighborhood the beatniks frequented during the 1950s.

Grey SF's awareness effort kicked off with a series of posters, ads, and bus shelters throughout San Francisco. A Website and other marketing materials are currently in the works.

The advertising campaign takes on the free-spirited attitude of the generation and aims to educate the masses on the continuing importance of the Beat Movement.

Advertising Agency: Grey, San Francisco, USA
Executive Creative Director: Roger Bentley
Creative Director: Brian Clevenger
Associate Creative Director: Chaco Daniel
Senior Art Director: Juan Contreras
Art Director: Marc Oliver
Copywriters: Chaco Daniel
Print Producers: Andy Brown, Tom Haughom
Account Executive: Sarah Kavanaugh
Media Planners: Eden Gorcey, Megan Woods

November 2007


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I "dig" it...
* sorry. had to.
I like the copy better than the art direction, but as a whole, the campaign does it for me. Well played SF. Well played.

"Our factories make cosmetics. We sell hope." -M.Factor

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I like the artdirection, it suits this campaign. Copies are solid, too.

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