Post Shreddies: New, new, new

Shreddies have been square for over 60 years in Canada. Our brief was to get people to look at Shreddies again.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Nancy Vonk
Art Director / ACD: Ivan Pols
Art Director / ACD: Tim Piper
Copywriter: Hunter Somerville
Photographer: Robyn Vickers

May 2016


FlyingDogs's picture
968 pencils

Funny! But I don't like the other ones.

A.G. Pennypacker's picture
A.G. Pennypacker
607 pencils

This one and "Mmmm..." are the best two.

Banner2k5's picture
551 pencils

yeh agree with 73pi this is gr8 the others i dont like.
I love the rebranding as diamond shreddies tho, the other ads dont really carry it off.

tony truong's picture
tony truong
40 pencils

I like it.

ricklongo's picture
1244 pencils

Is it me, or isn't a diamond merely a tilted square? How's that any different?

ivan's picture

That's the joke! It's the same freakin' thing. It's an ironic campaign.

mlsman5000's picture
128 pencils

this whole campaign TV etc will kill it at the award shows this year I already know it's done well at Clio.

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