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2555 pencils

CAT.. it's whats for dinner.

Arnold Santillan

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poor cat!!!!

ivan's picture

Yes, this is very cruel.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

SummerA's picture
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What kind of a sadist would freeze a cat anyway? I hope it was just a puppet.

addyhoch10's picture
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relax... it's just having a little catnap (huhu..)

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so it a magazine for idiots? there's nothing 'clever' about this campaign. i don't buy the ideas and the magazine too!!

kre8's picture
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this is just plain wrong.
not funny.
not creative.

Rog's picture
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Er... there's a line that you shouldn't step over here boys.
And you've just pole vaulted waaaaaaaaaaay over it.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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hahah! i think this is funny...nothing a praise but its guys need to relax a bit...

also, this is obviously a fake.....why did they reverse the photo?? (its bernzOmatic not citamOznreb)

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Absolut M
1069 pencils

is fun
the product not is for idiots

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stupid for stupid's sake. these are all aweful. there are more clever ways to show how learning can be achieved by reading the magazines, rather than these YouTubesque pranks.

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very cruel, could damage the magazine image... it's fake I hope the cat too.

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LOVE EM! - I think they're HYSTERICAL.... I'm still laughing! Where is your sense of humour people?? Black humour is still humour. And I don't see anyone complaining when people get killed in movies.... same thing...

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i guess you might have thought Schindler's list was hillarious then?
i'm glad you find them hysterical. i have no argument with that. people do complain when there is gratuitous violence in films, that's why there's a rating system. your comparison doesn't make sense to me.

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hahaha..funnnyyy!!! that's a really good fake-cat or is it actually a real freezin'-dead-cat T__T? lolz but funny anyway..who cares

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I think they doing a cryogenics experiment.. better then freezing a person..

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