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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Possible tag line: "Popsicle. America's favorite last resort for inadequate parents."
Or, maybe, "Bribing. America's favorite pastime"?
Cute before-and-after ad. Nice and conceptual student portfolio piece.

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I love the first line. Can relate to it. ;)

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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I love the fact that it doesn't need the line to work. Very nice.

I can also relate to child food bribery, do it every night.

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Make me remeber the last Guinness print campaing.
Very nice art direction, but nothing new.

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Darrin Stephens
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A week ago in the exhibition section these ads were for Ben & Jerry’s. They sparked quite a debate. http://adsoftheworld.com/forum/exhibition/ben_jerrys
Now they’re for Popsicle. I didn’t think they worked then and although the art direction has been exponentially upgraded, they still don’t work for me now. Typical student modus operandi. Pre-make general ads with no unique selling proposition and keep switching the client until they fit the pre made ads. Have fun now while you can kids, you won’t be able to switch clients in the real world. As I said last week, that is why these are nothing more than glorified before and after ads with too many frames, that say nothing special about the product/products, client/clients.

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i totally agree sir.
very well said!

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Don't be so hard on these guys, this is exactly the kind of campaign that you see in award books and isn't that what all students are supposed to be aspiring to?
How many award winning ads do you think are for actual paying clients with real briefs? Not many.
How many of them say something unique or special about the product? Not many.
Yes, it's a before and after ad but it has simplicity and humour without trying to be too clever.
They work for me.

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noted sir.

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My, your politeness impresses.

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With you, -dj. Let them go with it Durwood.
Besides, this speaks to me as a parent.
Half the problem with 'our' students is teaching the "ad" rules.
When our job/challenge is to bend them.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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i agree with hang-the-dj. be nice with the kids. they try extra hard to show how far they can stretch their imagination and creativity, and that's what this job is all about. well done

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Work harder. If I were your teacher, I'd give you a B.


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Well, why don't you state why, as a teacher would.

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Just because. A student can always go further. This lacks graphic exploration. That's why.


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i think it works nicely. although i would take out this "eat your vegetables" thing. comparing food and food confused me getting the message. the others i got right away. i also would use a line for those 2,5 second watching people. but, as already has benn posted, take the line off, when you sent it to an award - those guys love to puzzle a bit ;) good luck to you!

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so? keep eating and keep trying, guys.

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