Ponto de Fuga Illustration Studio: Girl

Every sketch dreams to be one of our illustrations.

Advertising Agency: Exclam Comunicação, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director: Lipsio Carvalho
Art Director: Eduardo Tavares
Copywriter: Marcelo Russo
Illustrator: Ponto de Fuga Studio
Published: September 2008


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227 pencils

Hey Ivan, with all the respects, that translation isn't as good as the real copy. I don't speak portugues, but my natal language is spanish. I think it says something close to "We transform the dreams of sketches into reality". Just wanted to say that :).

tinchowww's picture
20 pencils

"We turn the dreams of a sketch into real illustrations".

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227 pencils

Yeah, what he said :P

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26 pencils

nice, but in this case i digg the scetch way more.

VioletYoshi's picture

Original sketch: "Thanks, but really I didn't ask to be turned into a whore."

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