Ponteio Lar: Door

You may not see it, but in winter time, many people suffer from the cold. Donate warm clothes.

Advertising Agency: Jbis Comunicação, Brazil
Creative Director: Fred Bandeira
Creative Supervisor: Gustavo Passos
Art Director: Charles Alvarenga
Copywriter: Mateus Martins
Makeup: Regina Maia
Photography: Márcio Rodrigues

October 2012


everartz's picture
7609 pencils

not a fan of such result if the AD is coming from a country like Brazil..

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Black Hour's picture
Black Hour
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Typical exemple of the creative guy who wants a Lion, even if it means stealing an idea

GrumpyArtDirector's picture
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Not only is it not original (it's a rip-off of Chinese artist Liu Bolin), but that said Chinese artist has already been copied in hundreds of ads. You're very, very late to this party.

CACAHD's picture
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Come on..... we've seen hundred times this kind of print with hidden peoples

Eugens's picture
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too many times has this been done before.

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