Pompis Extra Abosortion: Splash, Bed

Less absorption, less time for you.

Advertising Agency: McCann, Quito, Ecuador
General Creative Director: Juan Manuel Larco
Creative Directors: Pablo Aguirre, Andrés Vallejo
Art Director: Marcelo Calderón
Published: May 2014


ShimaSara's picture

Well, I don't know the brand Pompis at all, and since from the add I don't quite understand what they are selling, I tried to google the brand. Turns out that in Spanish "pompis" means backside. Soooo... That's what I got out of google: butts.
What is Pompis selling? Adult diapers? Toilet paper? Pads or tampons?

shafutanzeem's picture
17 pencils

dint get a thing.. McCann should seriously change their creative team

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