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We treat every ad like a scam ad and waste the client's money.

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Black Pencil
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C'mon Sir Fallon, let's get a grip before we put harsh words into the universe.
'Scam'? Big picture + line at the bottom right doesn't always add up to a 'scam' ad.
And you do not know what this ad might've achieved for the client, so let's not call it a waste of money.
Such cynicism... tsk...tsk...tsk...

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Sorry that I touched a nerve Black Pencil.

Just that advertising these days has
become so dull and listless. Nothing
stirs an emotion in the consumer anymore.

It's all either for the award jury or for the blogs.
Very rarely does an agency do work
for the client, if you get what I mean.

Plus this is hardly the kind of work you'd
expect from Saatchis. No wonder Charles
left advertising altogether.

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hmm...wondering if you actually work at fallon, or wished you did.

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The ad does stir your emotion, though.

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Where is the fireman execution? The EMT execution? The creative team without an idea execution? That's the REAL emergency here.

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i like the idea in here.

... its already been done...

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2 days ago i was driving down the freeway when i saw a car coming very fast behind me, he quickly turns to the next lane and passes me by probably going around 100mph in a 65 mph zone. there's a sticker decal on the side of his door and the back of his vehicle and it read "on-time delivery service". :)

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The tagline isn't relevant to the image.

There's a better version done by BBDO-GO for Pizza Hut.

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I think the tagline does work. C'mon.. They deliver like it's an emergency, just as if they're getting cops/ pregnant mums to their destination.

Kinda like the pizza hut one. They both work. I dunno who did what first though.