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Hmmm, i don't quite get this.

Are the target criminals? I believe they are saying: Travel to any country you like, in Europe (all of those countries have VW for Police cars), do shit, and then you'll get arrested and will be in the backseat of a brand new VW. Oh, no... They are advertising the Golf. Hmmm, OK. So they are saying: When you're in your Golf TSI, you'll be so fast, that police is going to stop you, no matter the country you are in. And you get to know them. Bah!!!

I'm confused. I'd like to see the original headline (in portuguese), to see the differences... :/

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I'm with you Beatboxer, on all points.

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the last few comments are pretty silly.

and frankly, if you don't get this concept, i'm sorry, maybe you should try a job as, i don't know, how about a bus driver. sure, it's not the world's best ad, but seriously ... it's not an overly complex concept, so stop dissecting the ad like it's quantum theory. all it says is this car has some balls, this car is fast. the end.

| think small |

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yeah, the conclusion should be that you WON'T get to know the police (since the police won't catch you)

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With Golf, you will drive over the speed limit, because the car is fast. That's why many cops will stop the Golf drivers....

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One of the police cars is also a golf, that might create some confusion

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ha! good eye. now i'm confused

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sorry, i dont understand

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Like it and the message it's clear I guess. Thumbs up.

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The ad does not need that copy, but I still like it. But what if the bad guys have a VW too? Theres a very good ad from ddb mexico that tells that story.

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The line should be something like "Get famous", since the cops will know you, but you won't know them.

Still, I don't know. The idea is nice, but it's not quite there yet.

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OK, maybe I got it wrong,
but my first though was that the golf is so popular and so good that the police in 20 different nations driving it.
But then again, who wants to drive a car that the police is driving?

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Here, Police have been seen driving Porsche so.... I dont want to shout out loud i do not want to drive a car that has once been built into a cop-car
...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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Did the client approve this?

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All this chat reminds me of an 80's billboard showing a Porsche police car.
"There are no get away cars in Germany." NIce ;)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Why are they also selling the low consumption of the car? do thieves matters? do police matters?
I don't understand this ad.

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It's not about thieves, it's more about VW owners speeding on the highways. You speed, you'll be chased by the police.

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Joe Harris
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i got it - laughed - and then laughed again at everyone that didn't...


If at first you dont succeed... don't try parachuting

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Buy a golf, gain a lawsuit.

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Ahahahahaha. Joe Harris, he's the man! He got it straight away. One question now: How the hell do you know your interpretation is right? Be humble, friend...

Shedwa, you gain lawsuits, but at least, you get your tickets from Policemen driving VW's. :P

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I imagine that with police all over europe driving VWs they won't have a hard time catching you. At least you can hope that they belong to the VW members club and so they will let you go with a warning..

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Exactly! And then you start chating with them about how good the car is. Talk about acceleration, extras, design, and the next thing you know...

...You're having dinner with the cop and his wife.

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it just like chart for kids to recognize and remember the VW form & shapes.

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