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August 2008

Print advertisment created by McCann, Sweden for Polar Music Prize, within the category: Professional Services.

Pink Floyd are back in town.

Advertising Agency: Storakers McCann, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Henric Almquist
Copywriters: Hanna Belander, Bjorn Hjalmar
Photographer: Sven Prim

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Activity Score 139

Pink Floyd IS back in town. Learn to write suckers.

Copy_Can's picture

lol - beat me to it.

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

Me too! Grammar 101.

Dozer's picture
Activity Score 149

lol nice one dude, really make me laugh!
i are laughing right now! lol

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Don Rapper
Activity Score 223

guess they ISN'T very good copys

Ad_Man's picture
Activity Score 826

two copies, one big mistake. shame on you guys.

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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Activity Score 365

and i thought my english was bad...

MINAKA MORI's picture
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Rule number 3.- When yo're sure of the copy... check it again!

Don't try to stand out of the crowd; avoid crowds altoghether.

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I guess they tried to refer to pink floyd as a group of people rather than an individual. It sounds weird with "are" though.

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Psycho Pirate
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As I understand it, in British English, any group even when mentioned as a collective gets referred to as plural. Hence, saying Pink Floyd ARE back in town is correct. Just as it would be correct to say "Manchester United are back" or "Arsenal are playing Manchester United" and "Panic At The Disco are on tour."

Most of us are more familiar with American english which would refer to a collective as singular.

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He's absolutely right. just check the wikipedia entry for some British bands.

Copy_Can's picture

Really? Though not "British", these names do represent a collective group:

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And yet they say "Garbage is" and "Metallica is", while the links I posted say "Muse are", "Oasis are" and "The Verve are".

The fact of the matter is, Americans would say "Pink Floyd is", while Britons would most likely say "Pink Floyd are", and thus those crying "typo!" are wrong.

Copy_Can's picture

I'm not American. In fact, Canadian English is pretty much the same as British English.

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I studied British English. But of course Wiki knows better.

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Both are correct in this case. You would say The Rolling Stones are back, or the Beatles are back, because the alternative is a bit weird. But you could say Motley Crue is back, or Motley Crue are back. It doesn't matter which one you use. Both work. Pink Floyd is the same. It's not as clear cut as some people seem to think.

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'The band is,' or 'the band are?' Same thing, 'Pink Floyd is.'

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It are an injustice ;)