March 2007

Club de Lectore's Card gives discounts in music shows, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, etc.

There's a world of entertainment in your pocket

Advertising Agency: Aldea Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Directors: Martín Vinacur, Gabriel Huici
Creative Directors: Felipe Mañalich, Nicolás Neumann
Art Directors: Rodo Vivanco, David Calderón
Copywriters: Nicolás Neumann, Felipe Mañalich
Illustrator: Salamanca
Photographer: Salamanca
Other additional credits: MauroMedina

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jackblack's picture
Activity Score 2357

Interesting idea. Not sure when the last time I had a paper clip in my pocket, but I love the huge piece of lint.'s picture
Activity Score 1021

nice visual

addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

cute idea. it's a pity that the retouching is so bad, especially when it comes to perspective...

Fleur0379's picture
Activity Score 32

interesting idea. there's something missing though (art direction) for one to feel the pocket.


osmosis's picture
Activity Score 14

yes I agree, there could have been like the grass (in the pic) to seem like a handkerchief maybe.

Rusio's picture
Activity Score 326

Agree. The inside the pocket theme is definetly missing.

Chris's picture
Activity Score 1985

a bit zipper in the sky perhaps?

copycomoelcopi's picture
Activity Score 822

interesting but that's all. agree with the comments above, looks forced the connection with the pocket issue. and, btw, its a scam, scam, scam!

Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
Activity Score 937

Agree with a lot of ppl here. nice idea but lacks in art-direction.

chavezonico's picture
Activity Score 22

Que significa "Otros créditos adicionales"???

jorge21's picture
Activity Score 307

Creo que estan en un error chicos de Santiago de chile !! creo que es una idea de COCA COLA!!!!!!!! Es lo mismo que el comercial un mundo detras de la maquina repartidora de gaseosas! pero solo en otro aspecto!! creo que tienen que ver mas publicidad chicos pero la grafica esta bravaza!! solo los felicito por eso !! cuidence y suerte :)

hang-the-dj's picture
Activity Score 1262

Yep, I concur, the idea is cool but the art is shocking.

jungleraven's picture
Activity Score 291

somthing missing? may be a stichline can help across th sky. btw nice idea.

Thomas93's picture
Activity Score 24

Matuzalem = Mañalich?

MATUZALEM's picture
Activity Score 6

mañalich? who is mañalich?

Thomas93's picture
Activity Score 24

well, mañalich = matuzalem = yuri gagarin

i know your tricks

felipe manalich's picture
felipe manalich
Activity Score 25

No. Here I am... hello.
No need for tricks, no need for nicks.
Something you wanna say?

Thomas93's picture
Activity Score 24

you're boring
very boring

felipe manalich's picture
felipe manalich
Activity Score 25

Says who?
Please fill up the next space with your real name _____________.
Hey doggy! Are you gonna bark all day or are you gonna bite?

Thomas93's picture
Activity Score 24

bye mañalich

felipe manalich's picture
felipe manalich
Activity Score 25

I`m a boring man, but still enough MAN to use my really boring name.
Good bye ___________, without the Good.
Felipe José Mañalich Raffo.

Thomas93's picture
Activity Score 24

bye mañalich

mrtalented's picture
Activity Score 2171

nice photo. trashy idea. sorry.

adroitmachine's picture
Activity Score 20

Poor job with the photo, if you're going to do it, do it right. No reason to put the rough into production just because you're tired of trying.

danyel's picture
Activity Score 2

Ei, voces ai embaixo dos comentarios: vcs sao uns bananoes... Tipo: "a graminha", "a perspectiva" Ou..."eu nao lembro de ter colocar uma chave no bolso". Eh porque vc deve ter sentado na chave seu BOIOLA. Isso eh falta do que fazer. Abram um clube de critiba publicitaria no Congo Belga e depois contem as suas opinioes abalizadas para o ditador de plantao. Vamos ver se vcs tem coragem. Bey, frustrate people above. The ad is SIMPLY MARVELLOUS!