PlayStation 3: Soldiers

Advertising Agency: BBDO Chile
Executive Creative Director: Joaquin Bascunan
Creative Directors: Emerson Navarrete
Art Director: Emerson Navarrete
Copywriter: Cristian Schinadeerman
Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca
Photographer: Lautaro
Head of Art: Fernando Riveros


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It is cool, but it has PS2 style. The idea feels old somehow.

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the art is great and the idea is easy to get. not so the tbwa paris-stuff.

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Pieter Decanniere
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It's nice wallpaper. Like the visual, but I don't know why I should buy the game or the console.
Maybe I'm too old to understand the message.

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This got notjing to do with ps2.
Get a grip.

"Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage."

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Crisp One
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Beautiful Photoshop !

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This is great.

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fernando aljaro
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Rico, exquisito!

Fernando Aljaro / Creative Director JWT

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Good idea. Bad photoshop.

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how is this bad photoshop? please explain

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I'd like my campaigns to be as bad as this one. ;)

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Bundy Agency
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your mums bad photoshop

This is super work well done

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control C
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ok... if thats bad photoshop show some of your work, lets see if you have the right to have an opinion in this matter.

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Bad Photoshop? Are u NUTS!!!
I love it :")
The Execution is Wicked.

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Bad photoshop? Don't take it wrong dude, but it smells like envy a lot.
I think is an awesome photoshop and on top of that, I'd dare you to show me some pieces (don't have to be yours) that are not better than these, just as good as these ones.



Me parece que vi un lindo gatito.

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bad PS my ass. beautiful work clap clap. put the gamer where it should be, congratz.

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Rodrigo Bravo
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Ta la zorra.

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bad photoshop? Are you sure? Show your work then talk? Or like ogilvyandmenon said, explain please. Thanks. Idea is PS2, true but the art direction is awesome.

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Gold Cannes Lion for sure.... Good on you guys!

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Bad photoshop??... yeah, I'm sure you can do it better.
Vamos Chile!! Ojalá nos vaya la zorra este año en cannes. Con este nivel demas que sí.

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Te enteraste que los premios vienen con nombre y apellido?

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but of the same

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bad photoshop? Are you crazy?

The idea isn't all that but the execution is brilliant....

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Dick Huges
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This ad is so 2004

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2004 jajajajajajajajajaja perhaps you haven't got it... Let me explain the idea... Playstation is a device where you can play games... and....

Good on you Chile!

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Both pieces are awesome, but the style and visual isn't new, didn't surprise me for the idea. That's why i think he says it's 2004.

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Este equipo creativo ha hecho las cosas demasiado bien.
Felicitaciones BBDO, han puesto el nombre CHILE en la Región y en el mundo. Están trabajando a un tremendo Nivel.
Gracias por el esfuerzo.

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sadman sos grosso :)

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Great work. The idea takes those soldier and boxer executions one level up. Of course... the artwork of Salamanca is evident. Well done!

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so so...

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Michael Wolmans
94 pencils

It reminds me of the PS2 stuff where the game character is praying to his god.

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Beautiful Art

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Have Heart
922 pencils

Idea is solid, photoshop-work is plain amazing! Great piece of work!

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Great art, deserves a statue.

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Jarne von Wolfsburg
264 pencils

* * * * *

also like the photoshop, but the whole look really is 2004. The idea is great. A new dictatorship..the demolition of saddams statues in iraq in reverse. that´s what I see, and my view is perfect.

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Amazing. But the tag is not necessary. The 4 simbols can say it all. Everybody knows that PS is in his third generation.

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pretty good
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I love it

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pretty cool ad, nothing more to say.

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que puteria

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¿Es idea mia o todas las gráficas de PS BBDO Chile tienen el mismo estilo gráfico de PS2 TBWA Paris?

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deje la envidia perrito!!

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m í t i c o
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Un trabajo genial!!!


Viva Honduras !!!

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that's the world of playstation!
jea ...i like it very much, from photoshop till idea!

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it's amazing illustration and photoshop but seriously, where the hell is the idea? too many ads these days rely on look and no concept. It's sad.

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Carlos Duty
96 pencils

tremendo aviso, tremendo trabajo.
lástima que hayan errado el producto.
bien por salamanca, mal por los creativos.

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It looks little bit like Erik Vervroegens work, but very nice and beautiful.

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I don't understand why this would make anyone buy a PS3. This concept of the little game characters worshiping the player could work with any gaming system, and the others are cheaper. Plus, the hand in the foreground makes me think Nintendo's Smash Brother's series - even though I know the hand is headed to the statue, it still looks like the main baddie from a whole other franchise.

The poster is very attractive, however.

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Felicitaciones el arte es muy bueno.

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Where is the Flag Round ?

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Disco Munky
3900 pencils

What the heck?

You all can't seriously think this is amazing?

As photo shop skills go, this is pretty well put together. But your idea really needs to be strong, and since it's for Playstation I'd like to be surprised for a change.

Considering the client and product, I'm not that impressed.

"Make a name, or be defamed"

Doin' it for the points

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very nice.. would be better without the nazi-citations.

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Damn, i had no idea what this meant till i read Cullers' comment.

The art overpowers the idea.

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Steve Jobs

The creative idea is bad ... worthy of a TRUCHO, the photo retouching done this badly (if you believe that the trout pay nothing is quite acceptable), the art has flaws as the depth of field that is not successful, the proportions of people in ups are poor, very noticeable in the hand of the giant statue seems to be built from plastic, the base seems to be sinking in the mud, finally there are buildings in the background with different perspectives, in a summary worthy of retouching a trucho.

La idea creativa es mala...digna de un TRUCHO, el retoque fotográfico esta mal realizado (si consideramos que por los truchos no pagan nada es bastante aceptable), el arte tiene falencias como la profundidad de campo que no esta bien lograda, las proporciones de personajes en primeros planos son deficientes, muy notorio en la mano del gigante, la estatua parece estar construida de material plastico, su base parece estarse hundiendose en el fango, finalmente hay edificios de fondo con perspectivas diferentes, en resumen un retoque digno de un trucho.

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100% trabajo chileno, Salamanca es un genio. - Visite sus trabajos!

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May be I don't know much history about WWII. What's the idea of the ad. It doesn't push me to buy PS3 after seeing this ad.

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Greate idea and execution! Play Station create the game world, you play it, you create the world.

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