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One of Archive's covers. Looks like an expensive photo, there's a lot of details to see. Excellent.

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She goes to sleep and doesn't AGED even for thousands and thousands years. Or you can put a car or latest gadget... So where is the BIG idea?

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The PS2 was the latest gadget at the time.
The line of thinking I see behind this, is that instead of having fun "old school way", now you have a revolutionary, state of the art entertainment, so actually the sleeping beauty has been forgotten not only by the prince, but by a whole generation. Now, I can see parents and teachers complaining that the video games are imprisioning the kids in front of the tv (actually there`s another ps2 ad where the basketball courts and playgrounds are abandon, but, that's another story.), but the message is about a new generation, with new values and new behaviors(there are some ps2 focused on the evolution concept). The art direction is impressive, lots of details and rich photography. The TBWA team has achieved a big one here... because you can see an image and even without the logo, you can tell that it is a playstation ad. Needless to say that all over the world we can see a lot of ads trying to achieve that "playstation look".

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Sven Gali
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nice art lame ad

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Funny & reflect very well the message.


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Amusing and clever way of showing the addictive nature of playstation.

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