Playstation 2: Head

This ad was already posted some time ago, but this time I have a high resolution version of the ad, so you can look at the incredible detail.

Agency: TBWA, Paris
Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Copywriter: Sebastien Vacherot, Jessica Gerard-Huet, Loic Cardon, Ingrid Varetz
Art Director: Sebastien Vacherot, Jessica Gerard-Huet, Loic Cardon, Ingrid Varetz
Photographer: Yann Robert


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This won an award in the recent CLIO. It won something big I mean bigger than just a Gold Clio. ( can't remember what ).

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Print Grand Clio.

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Is this gonna get the Golden lion for Prints????

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it's pure ART

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disturbingly fantastic art - yes!
concept that's weak and overly reliant on the visual - yes!
giant donkey wiener - yes!

Thanks for the detailed image, Ivan.

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Watch the TV commercial on the same theme.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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has anyone seen the tv/mpeg version of this? not as detailled but kinda cute in its own way.

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this is creepy...
did you notice he is like... inhaling cocaine?

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I'm a really big Tool fan and their accompanying artwork with their CD liners and videos. This type of art depicting the inside of the mind is definitely their style so I have to give this one 10 stars! They're a band that has not slipped and continue to progress and grow as artists both musically and otherwise. Go Tool! And kudos to the artist.

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