Playboy: Sex bomb, Bike

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Advertising Agency: Mstf Partners, Portugal
Creative Directors: Susana Sequeira, Lourenço Thomaz
Art Director: Ivo Purvis
Copywriter: Pedro Lima

April 2007


AndresBotero's picture
78 pencils

Tal vez el concepto no este mal, puede funcionar, la ejecucion si me parece terrible, la direccion de arte puede ser mucho mejor...

SummerA's picture
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I'm really getting sick and tired of ads like these. Are we all just sex crazed Homer Simpsons? "Mmmm...Boobs -drool-..." No! we are alot smarter then advertisers credit us for. We appreciate a good sense of humor and witty ads. Yes, in this case the client is PlayBoy so product practically sells itself, right? Why even go to an agency when you get shit like this? would it kill them go beyond tits and cars?

Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
937 pencils

Man this ad is really bad. I think the art-direction is poor. And if you check an archive for some years ago they have the same campaign but with design objects in cars instead of naked woman in a old tv.

jonathanrioux's picture
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in the position playboy is right now, they have to use more clever ads. First, it is now every mans dreams to own a bike. Using this image is just restricting the target market. Playboy should use more sophisticated ads. It will just not put up the brand image to use typical MAXIM/FMH images.

jonathanrioux's picture
86 pencils

****First it is not every mans dream to own a bike.

ivan's picture

It is, he just doesn't know it yet. ;)

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