Playboy: Maria Before and After

This wouldn't happen online

Advertising Agency: Y&R, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Lang
Executive Creative Director: Rui Alves
Copywriter: Werner Marais
Art Director: Ismaeel Chetty
Designer: Rowan Foxcroft
Published: April 2013


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Porn is free. Playboy is dead.

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Why would Playboy diss their own bread & butter (the print magazine) to promote an online product, which is a completely oversaturated market to begin with?

This can't be real.

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Andrej Troha
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I'd scan that...

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If the client only had products online, it would be great. But they are attacking the company's flagship product: the magazine.

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But staples in the nipples are what make the magazine so brilliant!

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I like it. But don't think it's real.

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I say all three ads are a winner.

Spanky's picture
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I can't imagine Playboy would sign off on ads bashing their primary product. Which leads to the obvious conclusion these are scam ads.

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Simple execution. Nice idea...

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this has no real consumer insight. a real playboy spread would never publish like this....nope, doesn't work.

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That's weird. Someone from the agency posted links to a completely different Playboy campaign trying to prove these are real. I pointed out that they were links to a completely different campaign. And now his comment has disappeared.

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would be really cool (execution-wise) if this was placed as an actual ad, with same message, so you could see instant what the message was.

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